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Intense Pulse Light (IPL), also known as photo-facial and photo rejuvenation is a state of the art system and the latest technique in photo-facial therapy. This treatment is perfect for those whose skin reflects early signs of aging and who cannot afford the recovery time associated with other procedures. The IPL system delivers high intensity, smooth and powerful pulses of light (not lasers) that enhance your results of skin rejuvenation.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an extremely successful method of treating skin blemishes. These include sun damaged skin (age spots or sun spots), facial blood vessels (broken capillaries) that are close to the surface of the skin, uneven pigmentation, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkling and facial redness due to Rosacea.

A resolve for redness

Intense Pulsed Light  treatments are a wonderful treatment for the flushing redness that people often experience after eating spicy food, heat, drinking alcohol or after a stressful or emotional event. IPL treatments leave a rejuvenated, soft, smooth and even-toned appearance without a lengthy healing time. IPL does not have the side effects of past laser treatment such as scarring, downtime, pain or oozing.

IPL is one of the most popular treatments because of the improvements it provides. Approximately 3-6 treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Most patients are extremely happy with the cosmetic results.

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