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Growing up on a farm in southern Ontario exposed Brenda to a lot of sun. Brenda the founder of Rejuven-Age now sees how much damage sun exposure can cause. “Even though I wasn’t a sun bunny, the sun does not differentiate between the beach and the field”.

Before Rejuven-Age was formed in 2005, after working at the London University Hospital on the Neurosurgical floor, Brenda went back to school to receive certification in Neuroscience Nursing at Penfield Neurological Institute in Montreal. Additionally, Brenda received her certification from the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing. Little did Brenda realize at the time, how invaluable this would be for a career in the medical cosmetic field. Brenda’s understanding of nerve distribution and muscle movement is key in providing knowledgeable and personalized treatments.

Eventually, Brenda returned to Chatham-Kent where she began working in Emerge, as well as in community nursing (VON), specializing in wound care. Brenda received her certification as an Ophthalmic medical assistant, which has greatly aided in her understanding of medical cosmetic eye issues. More recently, Brenda has received certification in MD codes, and is a certified in Secret RF.

Under the medical direction of Ms. Lina Akile – Nurse Practitioner, Rejuven-Age is qualified to meet your cosmetic needs. Brenda has the expertise to answer any of your questions, and to help you weed through the jungle of medical cosmetic procedures.

Our entire team is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures and will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

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