Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments

    The Benefits of Botox

    There are many cosmetic benefits associated with Rejuven-Age's Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments. One appointment is all you need to start seeing immediate results and enjoy a revitalize appearance.

    How Our Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments Benefit Eyes

    The wrinkles that commonly appear around the eyes are known as "dynamic wrinkles." These are caused by facial expressions and common muscle movement. Unfortunately, wrinkle around the eyes are often the deepest and hardest to hide. Luckily, when treated with our Tilbury Ontario Botox treatment, these wrinkles will virtually disappear. Botox weakens the muscles responsible for squinting and the crinkling of the skin near the eye, effectively reducing or in most cases, eliminating the look of crow's feet and other furrows.

    Treat Deep Brow Lines with Our Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments

    Isn't it ironic how smiling and laughing can cause the very wrinkles make us frown and worry later in life? Removing laugh lines and smile lines that appear between the brown can drastically improve a person's appearance, making them look younger and more rested. Our Tilbury Ontario Botox treatments are so effective at improving moderate to severe brow wrinkles, that many of our patients have have the procedure as an alternative to a brow lift. Results are immediate and last for many months.

    Reduce Forehead Wrinkles with Our Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments

    Forehead wrinkles can give the face an older, more haggard appearance. Relax these deep-set lines with Botox for an instant improvement. Our Tilbury Ontario Botox treatments effectively relax the muscles in the forehead, resulting in smoother skin and fewer furrows.

    Change Your Facial Contours Without Surgery

    Are you unhappy with your square-like jawline? Our Tilbury Ontario Botox treatments could help alleviate your dissatisfaction. Recent studies have shown that Botox treatments to the masseter muscle in the jaw actually help to reduce the muscle's size, resulting in a gently curved cheek and jaw line.

    Alternative Health Benefits of Our Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatments

    The benefits of Botox aren't just cosmetic. Botox has also been approved for a number of non-cosmetic procedures including blepharospasm (uncontrollable eye twitching), migraine headaches, and excessive sweating. Tilbury Ontario Botox treatments can also be administered to help reduce chronic back pain and jaw tension.

    Big Benefits for Tilbury Ontario Botox Treatment Patients

    Botox helps alleviate:

    • Crow's feet and other wrinkles that appear around the eyes.
    • Deep smile and laugh lines on the brow.
    • Large wrinkles on the forehead.
    • Enlarged masseter muscles for a smaller, more oval shaped jaw line.

    The benefits of our Tilbury Ontario Botox treatments are many and varied. Contact our office today at 519-354-1800 for more details.

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