Chatham Ontario Rosacea Treatments

    Key Benefits of Laser Rosacea Treatments

    Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments have shown to significantly manage and control rosacea. Intense pulsed light achieves great results by using lasers to a variety of skin problems. Laser rosacea treatments will significantly reduce redness, and treat blood vessels, as well as the thickening of skin on the nose and cheeks. Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments will also improve your skin's condition by improving collagen production, which helps enhance the appearance of overall skin health. Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments can be very effective for people with severe or advanced rosacea, as the laser treatment emits light waves which penetrate the layer of skin where the swollen blood vessels are located. Once healed, your skin will look healthy and vibrant, and the redness caused by rosacea will be eliminated.

    How Laser Rosacea Treatments Work

    Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments are targeted to treat the redness of the skin, dilated blood vessels, and thickening of the skin on the nose and cheeks. Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments involve the application of a type of medication or serum over the skin, and then passing the laser beam over the area. The heat or light energy from the laser will help to break down damaged skin cells, and will also assist in reducing visible blood vessels. Intense pulsed light lasers use a non-laser light source to treat blood vessels on the face and reduce the flushing effects. Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments will significantly help the overall appearance of the patient's skin condition.

    How Laser Chatham Ontario Rosacea Treatments Can Improve Your Skin

    Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments will reduce the redness on cheeks, forehead as well as reduce the visibility of blood vessels and skin thickening. Laser treatments will also significantly improve the clarity of your skin, as it will eliminate scars and acne breakouts, as well as increase your skin's facial collagen production in order to produce healthier skin in the future. Patients often see significant improvement after just one treatment. Several sessions may be needed to achieve full results.

    Minimal Side Effects of Chatham Ontario Rosacea Treatments

    Laser treatment is very effective, however it is a more intense treatment that has a few common side effects. Side effects include swelling or redness for a few days following treatment, temporary redness of the skin, or bruising. These side effects are temporary and often clear up within the first week. With that being said, laser rosacea treatments are not for everyone. If you're an insulin-dependent diabetic or suffer from a clotting disorder, you may not be eligible to receive Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments. Rosacea treatments are also not recommended for clients that have a suntan.

    Skin Benefits of Rosacea Treatments

    Chatham Ontario rosacea treatments:

    • Reduce the redness around the cheeks and forehead
    • Eliminate or reduce visibility of blood vessels
    • Improve texture and tone of the skin
    • Increase collagen production and promote healthier skin
    • Reduce the effects of skin thickening
    • Help to clear up scars and breakouts

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