Chatham Ontario Botox Treatments

    Botox for Men

    Women aren't the only ones plagued by pesky wrinkles. Men are also prone to the visible effects of aging and are often too embarrassed or ashamed to seek treatment. Don't let wrinkles ruin your self confidence, let Rejuvenate show you how our Chatham Ontario Botox treatments for men can help you reduce these visible signs of age and revitalize your appearance.

    Say Goodbye to Creams and Serums

    Purchasing anti-aging creams, gels and serums can be an emasculating experience. Instead of spending time (and considerable cash) at the beauty counter, men should consider investing in Wallaeburg Ontario Botox treatments at Rejuven-Age. When it comes to Botox treatments, 15 to 30 percent of patients are male – in fact, Botox is now the most popular non-surgical treatment amongst men! The motivation behind seeking Chatham Ontario Botox treatments varies between individuals. For men, Botox is a fast and effective way to look younger and boost confidence without investing in traditionally feminine products.

    How Chatham Ontario Botox Treatments Differ for Men

    Men are motivated to seek Chatham Ontario Botox treatments for a variety of reasons, many of which are different from those of women. Women turn to Botox in order to reduce the signs of aging and look younger. Men, on the other hand, often turn to Botox in order to soften their expression and appear more approachable. This is because men often develop very deep frown lines on their forehead and between their eyes. These lines can cause a person to look angry, even when their expression is neutral or happy. As such, many men see Chatham Ontario Botox treatments as an investment in their career.

    The Treatment Process

    Men sometimes require a much higher dose of Botox in order to achieve the desired results. This is because a man's facial muscles are often much stronger than a woman's. This is particularly true for Chatham Ontario Botox treatments that are administered to the frontal portion of the forehead. The medical staff at Rejuven-Age take every precaution necessary to ensure that male patients receive the right amount of Botox and that it is administered safely and effectively. Chatham Ontario Botox treatments require no anaesthetic and take just minutes to complete.

    Medical Applications of Botox

    While most men seek Botox Chatham Ontario treatments for cosmetic purposes, some patients rely on the drug for medical treatments as well. Recent findings have show that Botox injections can help men with enlarged prostates, debilitating muscles spasms, anal fissures, migraines, and hyperhydrosis. If you suffer from one of these conditions, consult with your family doctor prior to scheduling a consultation with Rejuven-Age.

    Botox Isn't Just For Women

    There are many reasons why men should consider receiving Chatham Ontario Botox treatments:

    • Chatham Ontario Botox treatments are fast, affordable, and effective.
    • There is no daily maintenance, creams, or serums involved.
    • Men find that Chatham Ontario Botox treatments help make them look more approachable and friendly.

    For more information on Rejuven-Age's Chatham Ontario Botox treatments, please visit our clinic at 78 Victoria Avenue in Chatham, Ontario.

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