Chatham Ontario Botox Treatments

    Are You A Candidate for Chatham Ontario Botox Treatments?

    Are you bothered by frown lines on your forehead, or crow's feet by your eyes? Do you wrinkles make you feel self-conscious or unattractive? If you're unhappy with how your skin has aged, you could be a excellent candidate for Chatham Ontario Botox treatments. Ideal candidates for Chatham Ontario Botox treatments are young to middle aged men and women, usually between 25 and 70 who are looking to reduce the lines and wrinkles located on their face and neck. While Botox is a safe and simple procedure, it isn't recommended for everyone. Please review the following information to learn if Rejuven-Age's Chatham Ontario Botox treatments are right for you.

    You May Be a Good Candidate for Botox If:

    • You have realistic expectations of the procedure.
      The most suitable prospects for Chatham Ontario Botox treatments have their expectations grounded in reality. Rejuven-Age recommends looking at some before and after photos of individuals who have underwent the treatment. This will help patients to better understand possible outcomes and feel more prepared for the procedure.
    • You are physically healthy.
      Patients should be in good physical health prior to undergoing any elective procedure, even a non-invasive one like Botox. If you are currently nursing, have breathing difficulties or swallowing problems, or have an allergy to any Botox-related medications, Chatham Ontario Botox treatments many not be suitable for you. Patients who have trouble with weakened facial muscles, or those who have undergone facial surgery, should consult with their family practitioner prior to booking a Chatham Ontario Botox treatment.
    • You are mentally healthy.
      Having ones appearance altered, even in a positive way, can affect a person's mental state. This is why anyone who is considering Chatham Ontario Botox treatments must be mentally strong and stable.
    • Between the ages of 18 and 70.
      Individuals who are younger than 18 should wait until they are older and their skin is more mature before electing to receive Chatham Ontario Botox treatments. Older individuals should consult with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to make certain that their skin tone is still elastic enough to respond to the treatment.

    Chatham Ontario Botox treatments may not be a viable solution for:

    • People who have allergies to Bovine products.
    • Patients who are taking antibiotics, heart medications, or other prescription drugs (please consult with your physician prior to booking a consultation with Rejuven-Age).
    • People with sever allergies or people who are allergic to injected local aesthetics.
    • People with skin infections or sun-damaged skin.
    • People who are taking any medications that reduce clotting, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents, and some herbal medications may be required to stop taking them prior to receiving Chatham Ontario Botox treatments.

    Patients who are interested in receiving Chatham Ontario Botox treatments are required to complete a full consultation with a member of our medical staff prior to receiving the treatment.

    For more information about Rejuven-Age's Chatham Ontario Botox treatments, and to learn if you are a candidate for the procedure, please call 519-354-1800 and book your consultation.

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