Botox treatment in Chatham-Kent

Botox has been around for fifty years. It has been used on both adults and small children for a number and variety of medical reasons, including migraine and tension headaches. It has also become the most popular and safe cosmetic procedure.

Typically this procedure is used to repair crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, or any lines that make you look old, angry and tired. However, there are numerous uses for cosmetic Botox.

The outcome of Botox treatment is a relaxed and younger looking skin. Botox gives the client a fresh look while not altering their appearance. The procedure itself takes no longer than fifteen minutes with no recovery time. In fact, on your way out of our office, no one will be able to tell you’ve had the procedure.

The effects of the treatment will become visual within a few days and they will last for three to four months, until gradually wearing off. Our R.N., Brenda Burgess, suggests getting the procedure done every four months.