Blenheim Ontario Rosacea Treatments

    What are Common Rosacea Triggers?

    There are a number of common triggers that may be associated with rosacea. Patients who suffer from rosacea will want to consider Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatments in order to reduce the redness and appearance of this frustrating skin condition. Common triggers include sun exposure, emotional stress, hot weather, wind, heavy exercise, and alcohol consumption. What's more, hot baths, spicy foods, humidity, and certain skin-care products, can cause an unexpected flare up.

    Common Food Triggers

    There are many foods that may cause rosacea flare-ups. Blenehim Ontario rosacea treatment specialists advise that you stay away from dairy items like yogurt, sour cream, and cheese. Chocolate, vanilla, soy sauce, and yeast extract can also cause an unexpected reaction. Vegetables like eggplant, avocados, spinach, broad-leaf beans and pods, and citrus fruits (tomatoes, bananas, red plums, raisins, figs) can also cause distress. If reducing these foods in your diet does not help reduce your skin condition, you should certainly consider Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatments.

    Common Beverage Triggers

    Like food, there are a number of beverage triggers than can cause your rosacea to flare up. These triggers include alcohol, especially red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, vodka or champagne. If you're scheduled to receive a Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatment later in the day, our medical professionals recommend skipping your morning cup of coffee. Hot like cider, hot chocolate, coffee or tea can cause rosacea to become more noticeable.

    Medical Conditions, Emotional Influences & Skin Care Products

    Medical conditions such as frequent flushing, menopause, chronic cough, or caffeine withdrawal syndrome may trigger rosacea. As well, emotional influences such as stress or anxiety are known to make the condition worse. Skin care products may also have an effect on rosacea patients, products such as hair sprays or cosmetics that contain alcohol, witch hazel, or fragrances may adversely affect rosacea patients. Hydro-alcoholic, acetone substances, or products that cause redness or stinging will also influence rosacea flare-ups. Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatment specialists advise that you stay away from these products in order to avoid aggravating sensitive skin.

    Weather and Temperature Conditions

    Other triggers of rosacea may include sun, strong winds, cold or humidity. Temperature-related triggers include saunas, hot baths, overheating, or excessively warm environments. Avoiding these climates or situations will help reduce unwanted rosacea outbursts.

    How to Avoid Triggering Rosacea

    Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatment specialists suggest avoiding sun exposure, avoiding exertion in hot weather, reducing stress, and limiting spicy foods, alcohol, and hot beverages in order to calm temperamental skin. By avoiding these common triggers, rosacea can be significantly reduced and controlled. As well, patients will want to receive Blenheim Ontario rosacea laser treatments, which have been proven to significantly reduce the redness caused by rosacea.

    Blenheim Ontario Rosacea Treatments

    Blenheim Ontario rosacea treatments will dramatically reduce the appearance of rosacea, but it is also advised that patients avoid:

    • specific weather and temperature conditions
    • skin care products that contain alcohol, witch hazel, fragrances
    • spicy foods, citrus foods, marinated meats, as well as certain vegetables and dairy products.

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